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    Sunday, January 24th, 2021
    [ risetomeetit ]
    Who: Donna Troy and Kate Kane
    What: Meeting up for coffee and talk of work/travel
    When: 24 January 2021
    Where: Local coffee shop
    Warnings: Low
    Status: Log | Complete

    And what if I decided to have you work for me, Donna? Then you'd have no choice but to take a bit of pleasure with your work. )
    [ sassylilmama ]
    Bo is definitely into the human doctor. Dream me does not like her much. We went to an on call visit for a sick fae. A really sick fae. Dream me does not believe in boundaries. In the dreams I was helping myself to cookies and soup and bread. This fae eats diseased human corpses. The soup was made out of a human corpse.
    Saturday, January 23rd, 2021
    [ iaintnoangel ]
    Finally had a dream without that damn coal showing up on my arm. Went snake hunting with Ruthie. Afterwards, Lods got me riled up and I picked a fight with Ruthie. Her son tried to get in the way, I shoved him and he broke his arm. I apologised to Ruthie, and took Gabe out to the river to heal his arm. He's the stereotypical big dumb kid, and I told him he had to keep it a secret and pretend like his arm was still broke. It was a risk, and I ain't sure it was a smart risk to take.
    [ icancoveritup ]
    Seems like the kid from my dreams was probably kidnapped. We had a possible sighting of him, though. At Benny's Burgers, stealing food from the kitchen. Problem is, Benny killed himself. Which is...It doesn't sit well. Benny was a friend, and maybe we weren't super close or anything but it just

    Things like this don't happen in my town. Last kid went missing 60 years earlier. Last suicide was in the 60s. Now both have happened in the same week. Same day. It doesn't make sense. I have this feeling of foreboding. I woke up with it in the pit of my stomach, and I'm not sure what to do with that feeling now.
    Friday, January 22nd, 2021
    [ curiousalice ]
    Anybody else ever woken up from one of these Dreams and had to run straight to the bathroom to vomit after something they’d seen in them? I want to be able to just block it out but it keeps coming back everytime I close my eyes. I can’t cope that way again even though I know it’ll make them stop Also - what is with the cops in my dreams trying to get me to say that my parents were attacked by wild dogs? Yeah I didn’t tell them about the monsters that I saw - I’m not that level of crazy there yet, just that we flipped and crashed while driving but I would have told them if it had been dogs or some other type of wild animal.

    My seatbelt was jammed so I couldn’t get out of the car to help my parents, to help my mom as they started tearing into her body. Or to help Emma and that’s when the monsters noticed us and started coming towards the car. Luckily another car came around the bend in the road and the monsters took off, leaving me to be helped by the new arrivals and the drugs the EMT’s gave me when they showed up.
    [ beyondthewalls ]
    You'd think by now I'd be used to the weird terror that my Dreams always have me waking up with. At least this time Eren was already home so I was able to immediately reassure myself that he wasn't in that weird fugue state that he got stuck with in the Dreams. He was supposed to be using his Titan form to move a boulder to block a hole in the wall when he just...ended up incapacitating himself. I don't know what happened but when I made my way across the city to him he was just in some type of trance and I...did the only thing I could think of to get his attention. I stabbed him in the shoulder and reminded that he had promised to defeat the Titans, to kill them all. And then about the promise he'd made me to explore the world outside the wall. To go see the ocean.
    [ needanewplan ]
    Well that was entirely annoying and inconvenient. I'm just glad my memories are back. Nearly a full week without them beyond the basics was tiresome.

    Even so. It seems that after nearly six years, my Dreams have come to an actual end. It's...strange and I'm not quite sure what to make of it. I suppose relieved. Especially as, despite everything, it mostly ended positively which I never thought possible. Still, it is strange. Especially the notion that I would actually retire, though it's clear I'm still doing things on the side either as a consultant or...something.
    Thursday, January 21st, 2021
    [ redstreak ]
    Who:Barry and Clark
    Where:a random crime scene, Barry's getting evidence.

    The first time he'd over shot the crime scene entirely by 7 blocks.. )
    [ gleamnglow ]
    My dreams are kinda skipping around; I think because there's no main plot like my previous dreams.

    This one involves King Trevor of Equis who is the rival of my father. He has a pet seal that he treats as his son and is named Trevor Jr (he even has a crown). My father and Flynn were trying to prank King Trevor by freeing Trevor Jr. I'm trying to figure out how to prank people because I'm not good at it. They do eventually free the seal, I learn how to prank, but then my next dream was getting an invite to Trevor Jr's wedding.

    [ caresabouthim ]
    Frank Castle
    >> You have a few minutes?
    >> I need to tell you something.

    [Sent a few minutes after]

    >> I don't know what to do.
    [ ofevilsfire ]
    After six sets of Dreams, my father shows up in a human form that unsurprisingly looks like he does here.

    I'm not really sure what to make of that. It's just weird. Either way, there's no way this is going to end well.

    Where are you in the Dreams?
    [ lifesacircus ]
    Took Tim to the roof in a dream with popcorn and sodas to watch a fight happen. Dream me is..special.
    [ theoriginaljerk ]
    [Drunk Text to Mikaelson Family, including Hayley and Hope]

    >>you said...
    >>you szaid whatever ii puwt nmy pvenis in
    >>is miane
    [ risetomeetit ]
    Who: Donna, Kate and Raven
    What: Donna’s emotions are loud so Raven has a way to deal with that
    When: 21 January 2021 - morning to late morning
    Where: Donna’s condo to the Danger Room at the Agency
    Warnings: Low
    Status: Log | Complete

    Kind of throwing her into the deep end, aren't you? )
    Wednesday, January 20th, 2021
    [ notbuyingit ]
    I swear sometimes the hardest part of my job is people thinking that google is better at my job than I am.

    I completely understand that open heart surgery is terrifying but it's a pretty common procedure. Tumeric root is not going to help a leaky heart or three blocked arteries.
    [ grumpyarrow ]
    My kid just told me at breakfast today that she wished she could see Santa's naughty list. I asked her if she's worried that she's on it because of the epic tantrum she threw at dinner last night.

    She said no. She wants to see who she can have the most fun with.

    I think I'm in trouble.
    Tuesday, January 19th, 2021
    [ show_yourself ]
    txt to Anna
    >> okay so in the
    >> everything
    >> this completely slipped my mind
    >> but I ran into Kristoff!
    [ wontkillyou ]
    Looks like dream me knows quite a bit about horses. Nine horses dead, only one surviving.

    And I know the girl, Aimee. That's an interesting turn.

    He also knows how to ride a damn horse.


    So, do you have the same fear of horses that dream you does? So, I know what not to do if I take you out anywhere.
    [ queenmal ]
    I'm in love with Ben in my dreams. I don't know how it happened, but I just am.

    I have never been in love like this in reality, but makes it possible here though, right?

    Seem a bit to mushy to me.
    [ shootyoumyself ]
    Nothing like waking up with a bed full of swamp. Bernie and I both had to shower twice to get the smell off us

    ...I guess I just going to throw the sheets and mattress out. I honestly haven't a clue how to clean swamp out of them.

    Sorry V, just stay out of my room till I can sort it out. We won't drag it all over the house, promise!
    Monday, January 18th, 2021
    [ miss_mystic ]
    Who: Caroline Forbes and Peeta Mellark
    What: Peeta dreams the start of the Hunger Games
    Where: Peeta's place
    When: This morning!
    Rating: Mediumish, talk of death and FTB
    Status: Complete

    You’re pretty amazing, you know that? )
    [ lastof_krypton ]
    I bought a bag of sugar cookie M&Ms around Christmas then forgot about them and only just opened them and I was kicking myself over it because they're soooo good, but then I found them on Amazon and I'm tempted to order a few bags. Has anyone else had them?
    [ readyourpalm ]
    It's rough when your dreams give you some insights into some actions that may need to happen in your life here. My mother has been suffering from memory loss in the dreams and I made the decision that it was time to put her into a home so she could have people watching over her all the time because I'm not able to be around 24/7. It was a tough one, but I think it was ultimately for the best.

    I did finally get a gift from the dreams though. I asked Guerin to fix up the sign for my bar in the dreams and a smaller version (thank goodness) showed up here.

    [Private to Guerin]
    It's weird to send you a thanks for something that happened in the dreams, but thank you for letting me cry on your shoulder and fixing the sign. You've definitely got a soft core inside that grumpy exterior.
    [ aunt_may ]
    Network: May Parker
    My baby book showed up out of nowhere! I can't remember the last time I saw this old thing. Is it terribly selfish to wish for Peter's to show? I know I had it around somewhere...I want to play embarrassing aunt and post some pictures of him.

    Current Mood: amused
    [ takemycard ]
    It's odd showing up at work and realizing your partner is no longer your partner.

    At least he texted me with the heads up.


    Not sure if this means I've going undercover soon. Working in Dad's unit spoiled me, I knew what he was thinking. Here I'm just as blind as everyone else.
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