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    Monday, July 13th, 2020
    [ hasbattlescars ]
    So, dream me actually got the radio working. Managed to even contact the Ark. Dream Bell brought someone to the dropship. But dream me? Completely focused on Clarke taking care of Finn. Even if the storm outside was trying to keep us from talking to her mom.

    Also, Octavia did something stupid. We found out Finn was poisoned, but we didn't have the antidote. She made sure that we got it. Though, love also makes you do stupid shit.

    Dream me tortured the grounder, electricuted him, just to find out what the hell the antidote was because the knife that had been in Finn, was poisoned.

    This is just... a lot to take in.
    [ miserableliar ]
    My dreams just jumped ten years. Went from the end of high school to my ten year reunion. But at least I got a cowboy hat.
    Sunday, July 12th, 2020
    [ notbuyingit ]
    Erin and I went to Las Vegas this weekend and I am returning a married man! We decided to skip the big wedding and reception and elope.

    My father-in-law even surprised us and brought Erin's old team to the wedding. It was nice to catch up with them and have a little bit of Chicago closer to home.
    [ curiousalice ]
    I really should have been expecting Gran to do something like this the minute I told her I'd figured out what I wanted to do for a living out here. She can't afford to take on the payments if I fail When I got back from my shift today I found an envelope slid under the door with loan paperwork that she'd filled out and gotten approved as a cosigner for me to buy a food truck. So...guess I'm going to be giving my two weeks at the restaurant sooner than I was planning. I already emailed the manager and it shouldn't affect the application getting approved because I've proven that I'm staying in the area by working there for so long.
    Saturday, July 11th, 2020
    [ anti_langdon ]
    This whole network thing is weird. It's all about dreams. I have them, not that they are interesting. I got a role and it was run by people who turned into man-hungry snakes as in Anaconda snakes. I don't think that is what people are talking about.

    I also might need a second job. Rent isn't cheap or free.
    [ knightedwizard ]
    I forgot how exciting it is to open boxes packed for moving, and finding things you forgot you had.
    [ getupandfight ]
    I think the only good thing about this dream, was me kissing Jasper. Otherwise, everything else about it can go to hell. I'm really glad that my brothers are not like that here. That's one of the things that I look forward to when I wake up. The fact that neither of my brothers are dicks like they are in the dream world.

    I'm going to go hug my brothers now. Especially when I know that neither of them like this bullshit either.

    Also, finding cut off fingers is just ugh.
    [ fragilebones ]
    These dreams are like super intense. Last night, I dreamed about a Lacrosse game, and like. My best friend, the one who's now a werewolf, had no business trying to play even though he made first line, because anger and adrenaline seem to be a trigger for him to wolf out. He doesn't go full wolf, he gets the fangs and the claws and stuff, but. He tried to kill me, he like hunted me in the locker room and I sprayed him with the fire extinguisher to make him stop and he was himself again but he didn't even remember trying to kill me. And I didn't want him to play in the game, but of course he did and he scored the winning goal, but then he had to leave the field and we found the other half of the body we were looking for before, too. It was pretty damn eventful.

    Are you having these dreams too? Cause if you are...we need to talk. And if you're not, forget I said anything. Because I know it sounds crazy, but you're in my dreams, and I'm not really sure you're a good guy in them. In fact, I'm pretty sure you're not.
    [ aimed_curse ]
    Cut to save friends page, not filtered )

    This is Bella. A friend I think? of Amycus rescued her and her puppies from a bad spot and they asked me to take her in once the puppies were weaned. I honestly was expecting her to take longer to get settled in with me but it’s nice that she has so quickly. And unlike a certain fluff monster I know and love and will still happily sit, Regulus - she is willing to share the loveseat with me when I’m watching TV.

    She’s actually a lot calmer than I expected about being left alone for a few hours when I’m at work. As long as I take her for a walk and give her a cuddle and make sure her dishes are full before I leave. The only thing I’ve noticed that makes me worry is that she seems to have some type of nightmares sleeping by herself in the living room so I moved her bed into my room and that seems to help. And sometimes she’ll just get on the bed with me after I’m asleep unless I’ve brought somebody home with me
    Friday, July 10th, 2020
    [ lastof_krypton ]
    Who: Kara Danvers & Winn Schott
    When: Backdated: Early June
    Where: A Coffee Shop
    What: Kara Awkwardly Pretends Not to Already Know Winn
    Rating/Warnings: Family Friendly
    Status: Complete

    Winn had moved to California a few days ago. Two to be exact )
    [ lastof_krypton ]
    After having my pod show up, I really wasn't surprised that I had more dreams last night.

    My mom came for Thanksgiving dinner and of course it was interrupted by a portal, but nothing came out of it. What it actually did was rip the space time continuum apart, according to Winn according to my friend. On top of all of that there was an alien virus that I found out was created by real father to kill any non Kryptonians if we were attacked. Mon-El got affected, but it didn't kill him right away because his planet was very similar to Krypton. In the end my mother and Alex ended up curing him and according to my mother, she thinks he likes me. He kissed me before passing out then claimed me didn't remember, so I don't know what to think.

    Then another portal opens, but this time Barry comes through with his friend Cisco, asking for my help! So of course I say yes right way. I go with Barry and Cisco to their Earth where they have a bunch of other heros assembled to help them fight these aliens that were invading. When we were working out the plan against them, I ended up being the training dummy since I was the invincible one and the others were either human or meta human. It was actually a lot of fun. Then everyone got mad at Barry cause of something he did to change time or something. Me and Oliver were the only ones who seemed to be on his side. A bunch of us ended up getting mind controlled by the aliens, but Barry ended up using me to destroy the machine that was mind controlling us and everything worked out in the end.

    The funny part about the dreams was that when we were getting ready for Thanksgiving, I was using my heat vision to defrost the turkey. I use my heat vision to defrost things all the time! It's nice to see that my dream self does the same thing.
    [ notsomundane ]
    Who: Simon Lewis, Isabelle Lightwood & Clary Fray
    When: Backdated: Mid May
    Where: A Park near The Institute
    What: Simon's best friend and his girlfriend meet
    Rating/Warnings: Family Friendly
    Status: Complete

    Simon still couldn’t quite believe that Clary was in the OC )
    [ winmychester ]
    [ alwaysbeenthere ]
    Texts to Kirk
    >>I'm bored
    >>I'm thinking Live Aid
    >>Followed by the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert
    >>You in?
    Thursday, July 9th, 2020
    [ angelsbreath ]
    [ notofhearts ]
    Well any idea I had that the random catprints around my apartment were just carryover from my Dreams got pretty much shattered this afternoon when I came home to find the Cheshire Cat sprawled on my coffee table, grinning at me. A part of me must have been expecting it because I didn't react other than to close the door and tell him to get off the table because I don't let animals on counters or tables.

    I'm more annoyed by the lemons that were on the kitchen counter which I know are from that tree even though I didn't pick them. Think I can blame him?
    [ locked_heart ]
    When everything falls apart in your dreams and you don't have time to mourn someone you care about because the other person you also love is catatonic.

    Grey Goose is your friend.
    [ show_yourself ]
    My dreams reached the end. Well. An ending. Endings are just new beginnings after all.

    Like I've finally found my place and it was in me all along.

    Also, I've got a water spirit horse.


    There's something you should know about our mother. Not a bad thing! But it's kind of important.


    I'll introduce you to the Nokk. Soon.
    [ rejection ]
    So DreamMe is definitely a dick at times. On top of being an idiot. After I used the rune on Clary to hide us from the demons and cops that responded after the fight with the Ravener at her apartment I kept right on breaking rules and took her back to the Institute where I dropped her off in the Infirmary and then didn't go to check on her or even ask them how she was. Points though I told everybody that she'd killed it and then burnt her ruined clothes. I think Hodge might actually be more pissed off at me for all of it that Alec was in the Dreams but even that wasn't as bad as what probably would have happened if the parents had been there. But nope they were visiting Idris with Max so no grounding for me. Not that I think I'd have listened all that much to them grounding me

    I take Clary to meet Hodge once she's awake and then get to drop the really fun news of how I know she's not a mundane because I used that rune on her. Which is when Alec and I get kicked out of the library so he can talk to her alone. And in something that I'm sure is going to surprise nobody who knows me here - Alec and I went to the weapons room to kill time while waiting to see what happened next.

    [Filter to Izzy and Simon]

    I didn't wake you guys up when I started messing around on the piano did I?
    [ onewomanarmy ]
    Who: Peggy and Laurence
    Where: Coffee shop
    What: Meetcute
    Notes: Partner Thread!
    Status: Complete.

    Coffeeshop Meetcute )
    [ runedfey ]
    Man, things were so busy with the end of Pride month and then 4th of July holiday. I definitely had a lot of fun attending some various Pride parties and then going to spend the day with my dad and my siblings for the 4th. The younger siblings got a new sprinkler toy and were obsessed with it, but I made sure to bring over a new version of a slip and slide for extra fun.

    So on my dream front it's been pretty normal, just a lot of training and learning about being a Shadowhunter, but my stele did show up today. It's basically the tool we use to carve runes into our skin with a heavenly metal. It definitely still works here and I'm tempted to start using it for some extra boosts when I need them. Who couldn't use some extra endurance or good luck?
    [ miss_mystic ]
    [ actualwizard_bk ]
    Who: Billy & Kara
    What: Milkshake & catch ups
    When: End of April [backdated]
    Where: Random milkshake shop
    Rating: Low
    Status: Complete

    It was exciting to know that there were people in his life who were heroes, the same kind of heroes he aspired to be. )
    [ hasbattlescars ]
    Holy... These dreams are just crazy.

    Also, things need to stop following me out of my dreams. That's crazy too.
    Wednesday, July 8th, 2020
    [ therebelleader ]
    >> Hey you
    >> Take out and a movie?
    >> What do you think?
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